Helping Families In Need

All through the year! 


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Spring is coming and there are so many families in need.  With the season changing and the weather getting warmer.  Many families will need us to help them with many things.

So open your hearts and go through your kids clothes and donate the ones they will not wear or the ones that are to small. These small acts of kindness gives those in need hope and big smiles 


Needing Donations:

Clothes/ Shoes/ Household/ Sheets Blankets/ fans/ air conditioning units/ heaters/ baby items/ heath and beauty items/ cleaning supplies

Please View Out 

Donation Items Needed 

Page For More Information

Donation Line:


Thank you for your continued support.

Any donation large or small can make a difference.

Contact Me At

If in need CLICK HERE

Thank You!

I am a 16 year old that attends Harrison High School.  I am doing this to help my community and the local families in need.  With my mom by myside in helping me I know we can make this a success.

 I am doing this in the hopes to make a difference in my home town.  Letting people know we care. 

Adam and Anna

Holiday Help For Local Families!

Easter 2010

ThanksGiving 2010

Fund Raiser :)

July 6th Event



Peoples Commets 

Hello my name is josette.  This the kind of idea that could go nationwide. I am 39 and I have always gone out of my way to help people because that is the way I was raised when I seen on the news what a young person has the thought and caring to this wonderful thing I wanted to say hello.  

reading this I just have to say I am glad there are still people like you in this world. especially in my home town. thank you and I am sure I talk for the entire Harrison community

First off, I would like to just say what you are doing is amazing. The fact that you are so young and are wanting to find ways to help out the people in need really says alot about your character. So thanks

Its more of a "Pay it forward" thing... my favorite movie... thank you

I just think it's great what you are doing. Keep up the good work.

when i came upon your site,i think its wonderful that someone your age cares enough to do something that is so absolutely wonderful and rewarding and u are an inspiration for todays teens,
i just wanted to say, i think it is an amazing thing, what you are doing. i really hope that when you finish high school, you receive some sort of scholarship for all your hard work. i am so glad to know there are people like you and your mother, out in the world, that are decent, and loving enough to help people in the way that you do. thank you so much! good luck, and god bless to you and yours, as well as your lucky community.

I just want to thank you for proving society wrong. There are so many people that say teenagers are trouble makers and other negative things. You are an excellent example of why the youth of America is great. Thank you for thinking of other people
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