15 Year Old Boy Starts Online Charity

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A 15 year-old boy is doing what he can to make a difference, one family at a time, even despite his own family's financial straits.

Adam Hoover is going door-to-door and online to collect help for families in need.

He said he gets dozens of e-mails daily, asking for help. The Harrison High School sophomore is trying his best to answer them all.

Hoover is using Craigslist.org and his own Web site to find donations.

His family's shed has become his warehouse for all the things he's rounding up and giving away.

"It's been clothes, toys, bathroom supplies, food, kitchen necessities -- about anything anybody needs," Hoover said.

"Like I've tried to teach them, when I was young I was taught you give with an open heart and everything will always be alright," Hoover's mother, Anna Abdin, said.

He's doing all this at a time when his own family is in need.

"My mom, she's been unemployed for about a year. (We're) losing our house, about like everybody else," Hoover said.

He said he's getting much more than he's giving

"It's just a good feeling to know that you're helping someone who needs it, and then all their thank yous and everything. It makes you feel good," Hoover said.

Anyone who wishes to donate to Hoover's cause can do so at his Web site.
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