Special Thanks

From Local Families

I looked on your website and saw Amber’s Easter Basket on there.  I can’t thank you and Anna not only for thinking of my daughter for Easter, but for her clothes, and shoes she received.  The gifts you presented to me were over the top and greatly appreciated.  As soon as I can get stable within my own life, I will certainly pay the miracles you provided us forward.


I never thought I would ever be in the position of need, but I’m very glad you caught my fall.  I’m forever grateful to you both!  I even mentioned your cause to our charity department here at work.  Good luck with everything and I will help when I can and be in touch soon.

Ginny & Amber (tap shoe girl). 

Hi Adam and Anna,
I just wanted to say THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR HELP....sorry again for having to leave yesturday, you didnt have to bring them out here i would of tried to get them today...but THANK YOU
Thanks Again 




Thank you so much for everything my daughter loves the toys. And thank you so much for the clothes. If you ever need anything just give us a call or an email. my husband is a painter so if you need any work done just ask. thank you again for all your help. I will definetly donate when ever i am able to. thank you and god bless.      
Heather & Family

Hi Adam & Anna,  3/7/10
I would like to think you for helping us with clothes for our boys tonight,
Anna you should be very proud of the way you raised Adam, he dont have to help familys the
way he does, I just hope one day one of myboys are thoughtful like that.
My husband was laid off in December so times have been hard for us,. Thank you to so much we greatly appreciate,.We will keep in touch God Bless you both, Love Angela,Phillip & Boys



Thank you so much.  Being a family of seven it is so hard to keep up with the rate that boys grow. Especially living on one income. Good to know that there is still some kind hearted people out there. My family and I will definitely "Pay It Forward"



Thank you so much for all your help. I wish there was more people in the world like yourself. My daughter loved all the toys and clothes. An d everything was really helpful. Once again thanks so much.



Anna and Adam, 
we just want to thank you again so much for the clothes you have really helped us alot and we greatly appreciate it alot. you guys were very fast at getting things together for us and getting ahold of us just to see what we needed. we haven't had anyone help us as fast as you guys did and we greatly appreciate it. again we just want to thank you guys for everything you do. what you guys do is great and we wish there was a way we could give back to you for you giving to us. if there is anything we can do let us know. thanks again.
the fisher family 

Gifts of Kindness helped me on Sunday, January 31st.  They gave my boys some really nice clothes.  They also went out of there way several times to make sure everything would fit.  I cannot express how grateful we are that they were able to help us in our time of need.   I would like to give Adam a special THANKYOU!!!! 

I had sent a e-mail in need of some help and yes GIFTS OF KINDNESS HELPED ME!! Maybe they did have the things for the families they wasnt able to help out!! But, their wasnt no need to TALK ABOUT THEM LIKE THAT. Adam, keep up with the good work!! :) 

Cragislist ad :)

Thanks So very much, for everything that you gave me. Its a great thing that you do. Thanks again.




I want to thank Adam and Anna for everything they've done for my family. The space heater and clothing really helped my mom and brother and sister. When I brought the clothes and toys home to my children they were so excited. It was like Christmas to them. You are a wonderful family for helping others despite your own needs. Thank you guys very, very much.

Cystal and Carlos 



I want to thank you both so much for the coat and clothes you gave me.   I was in desperate need of a coat and clothes.   They are in perfect condition and very nice things.  You guys are very special people to help out people in need you don't even know.  Thank you and God Bless. 

Colerain Ohio


My name is rhonda,and i would truely like to thank Anna and Adam for coming through for not only my kids but for me and my husband also,When i make calls and try to get a little bit of things together i always just say I'm in need for the kids.Adam and Anna not only asked for the kids sizes,but asked for mine and my husbands ..It was truley amazeing what WE had got from ADAM AND ANNA (GIFTS OF KINDNESS)!!!  and for Adam what a sweetheart i just wanted to sqeeze him,he is truely a kindhearted thoughtfull young man and such a sweetheart..Its amazeing what differences some people can make ...I can tell you now that when we all got everything out of the car,the kids were even speechless and just so happy and it made me so happy to see them that way,from well not 1 trip but 2 trips that equaled 2 carloads...and i would like to thankyou for making me feel so comfortable,ive been to a few places where ive gotten food and items and i have never got treated so well like i got treated from anna and adam..so i would really love to thank the both of you for not only helping us but for being so kind..i can say the name fits very well...gifts of kindness..you got that right


 Hi this is Amber you all helped me last night so that my babies had things to open Christmas morning, I just wanted to thank you again for everything. This morning when my babies woke up and seen the gifts under the tree there faces was glowing. I will never be able to fully express how thankful I am for your help. Thank you so much and god Bless you. This is my babies you helped Thank you. I will go throw my things and give you what I can no longer use or that we dont need and I will spread the word about you all needing donations.   



I just wanted to write you and say thanks for all you have done for me and mine.Plus the others you have help in there time of need. im really glad there are people like you and your mother out there doing things for others to make a change. i hope you and your family have a wondeful holiday. thank you to all of you who have donated as well may you go on to touch others as you have my familyand amny more keep up the good work.



I just want to thank you both (Adam and Anna) for helping me and my family this year and to the people who donated the items that we received. I was so worried about how I would give my kids a good christmas this year as myself and my husband have jobs but limited income. We really appreciate you and may God continue to bless your family.

Thank you again,

The Barren-Russell Family 



Hey Adam,
I seen your video on channel 5 news, you are doing a good thing for you community and again I thank you for your help.
I did contact my church for a donation for you if they contact you it will be from Church on Fire.
Good luck.

Hey there,
Just wanted to say that I've seen your post many many times on CL.  I've also seen all the haters posts.  I have been in need, I've slept under bridges, at homeless shelters, cars, vans, you name it.  I've been to prison.  I've seen most of the worst things I could have ever imagined.  But it was people like you that gave me the help, support, caring hand to wake me up and put me back on track.  I am now 35, married (twice..lol) 3 kids and it's tough but my past is just that...passed.   I have a 14 year old son that honestly is a great kid but couldn't care less about helping anybody else out.  So when these haters on CL try to drag you down, just keep on keepin on.  True there are scammers out here.  They are everywhere, so it's only natural that people will doubt.  Just remember there are always going to be haters.  And there will always be people in need.  And the good feeling you get from helping is millions of times greater than the feeling you get from haters.  Forget them, bud.  Keep doing what you're doing.  I haven't come to you for help but I'm sure tons of people have and will.  
It's a great thing to know that there ARE still people out there that care about what happens to those other people who just may need a "helping hand". 
It's also comforting to know that there are young people like you that still know something about character.

Good luck and stay focused,

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