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I have a family of thirteen, seven children, six adults. I was just recently diagnosed with cancer, my husband Is disabled, three of the adults are In college, over the computer. 

I have applied for assistance as of September 1st, haven't recieved any help at all. I have no Thanksgiving dinner for my children, and no hopes for Christmas, If there's ANYONE out there that could help In any way at all It would be greatly appriciated. I have tried Churches, Salvation Army, and United Way, I've went to the Food Bank down town, was turned down twice due to time! And couldn't make It today, because I have no money! Everything that Is material that we have Is on Craigs list for sale. We are trying our hardest to get by, If there's anyone, anyone at all who Is willing or able to help us, In anyway It would be a GREATLY APPRICIATED! Thank you for your time! 

You can call anytime, ask for Pam! 937-***-****

Helped With ThanksGiving Meal For All 13!! And a weeks worth of food! 

Message I Read:

Me and my two kids are in need of a thanksgiving meal. We didn't have the money to buy food this year and dont have any family members that are having a dinner. please contact me as soon as possible this would really help us out. We can pick up at any time. Thanks.

Helped with thanksgiving Meal Family of 4!!

Message I Read:

Hi gifts of kindness. We are also in need this time for a thanksgiving dinner. Work has been very slow and to top it off, my fiance accidentally lost our ohio direction card Monday. We called and it takes 7-10 days to get a new one. We have 6 children and was going to at least have a small dinner. We would be very appreciative. We've donated to you in the past from TV's to food when we had it not thats why you should pick us but we give things away on Craigs list because everyone needs help sometime. Our family would be again grateful.   Thank you Happy Thanksgiving   our number is 513-***-**** Sarah or Joel  

Helped With ThanksGiving Meal For Family of 8!!!

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